General Notes:

All of the games are listed on the side menu. All levels within each game have a page on this website and are linked from each game. Each level contains a task or challenge and the solution is the password for the following level. All usernames contain the name of the game and the level number (ex: for Century, it would be century1, century2, etc… and for Trebek, it would be trebek1, trebek2, etc…). Once you feel you have completed a challenge, start a new connection to the server, and log in with the next user and the password you gained from the previous challenge. If successful, close out the previous connection and begin to solve the current challenge. This concept is repeated over and over until you reach the end of the game. You will be using either SSH or PSRemoting to connect to our game servers.

It’s not expected for anyone to know everything they will encounter in this game, so please don’t panic, as the purpose of these games are to learn.

All passwords are lowercase regardless of how they may appear on the screen.

Some things that may help you in the games are below.
          – The Internet
          – Get-Help
          – Get-Command
          – Get-Member
          – The “Tab” key will help with finishing out commands